The Webcasts Are Now Available For Replay

The webcasts have come to an end.

All of the webcasts are available for replay on my youtube channel here


Enjoy! :)

Walk with the King,


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  1. Awesome….I can’t wait. so looking forward to this!

  2. HI! This has captured my interest immensely. But…. I am lost…. really lost… how do we watch the webcasts? Is there registration? I probably have a million other questions, but my mind is spinning so fast, lol, there were the only two that made any sense when I wrote them down. I am looking forward to seeing them, though!! :)
    Have a blessed day,

    • Hi Kristin – there’s no registration :) Just come back here to next Thursday night at 9pmCT/10EST and the webcast will be airing.

      See you there!!!
      Courtney :)

  3. Looking forward to this! Thank you so much for this.

    Nicole @ WKH

  4. I really want to take part in this but am unable to at the time it airs. Will the videos be available to watch at other times?

  5. I am really looking forward to watching this. Thanks!

  6. Really looking forward to tonights web cast. I was wondering if I cant log in at 7 pm can I find it on this website later.

  7. Jill Dennis says:

    Bible study material posted –check, kiddos bath done–check, chores done– check. all done early so that I will be here with you all

  8. Laura Ritsche says:

    I truly enjoyed the Live Webcast I watched, it was very encouraging and a great reminder to call on the Lord in all times of need :)
    Thank you so much and God Bless

  9. I didn’t think I was going to get to watch tonight, but am so glad I was able to. It was such a blessing. I’ll probably be the only you’ll hear this from, but my favorite part was actually just being able to hear the voices of each of my favorite bloggers. It’s one thing to read your words, but another thing entirely to actually hear you speak. :) Thanks for sharing this and I hope I get to watch again. Blessings!

  10. monica Livingsotn says:

    So glad that I made time to watch tonight. What great reminders not to compare, step away sometimes, and remember who we serve.

  11. I have been sharing this with so many friends. Very excited. Is there a list of the ladies who were introduced and their subject?

  12. Hi there,

    if we have missed out on a Thursday night live, is there anyway we can view what has been already previously posted? NZ, Thanking you

  13. Helen Quadros says:

    I would watch the past? I could not! Please!

  14. Helen Quadros says:

    would make the apesenta; when in my church here in Brazil, the start that you guys did that a mother carrying a baby and pulled the chest a lot of fantasies … please where I could watch again what happened in day 9/26?

  15. Samantha Wadsworth says:

    Thank you guys for saying yes to our Lord!! This has been such a blessing to me!!

  16. Hi Courtney,

    I very much enjoy en learn from the video’s.
    I only would wish that they would be availeble a little bit longer, so that I can see the whole video.

    Sorry for the bad englisch, writhing is somthing different than reading or speaking.

    From the Netherlands

  17. I missed the last ten minutes or so of last week’s webcast. Is there any way to watch that? Unfortunately due to a scheduling conflict, I can’t watch it until around midnight and so far I’ve been blessed to be able to still view the video… Just wish I had been able to finish the last one! Can’t wait to see what you ladies have for us this week! I’ve been deeply touched through your ministry and am so excited to continue the journey with you! Prayers and love to you all from Nebraska. God bless!

  18. I am unable to view the webcasts at the time they air because it’s too late where I am. Will they be posted anywhere that I could watch them later? I was really hoping to be able to see these. Thanks.

    • Each Thursday webcast is available for 24 hours – so if you cannot join us tonight at 9pmCT/10EST – then just watch before Friday at that time. :) All of the webcasts will be available in the new year for replay :)

  19. Waiting and so excited to catch it asap this time!

  20. I am waiting to watch the webinar but it shows uploading…..

  21. Hi,
    When I go to the web cast it always says airing soon. Unfortunately I am unable to watch it at the airing time due to the time difference. Here in Northern Ireland it is airing at 03.00 hrs and is off when I get home from work on Friday evening. How can I get to watch?

  22. Why isn’t the webcast playing? I’m in Florida but I’ve refreshed page. Nothing will work…

  23. Thank you for sharing the conference videos. I was really blessed by tonight’s lesson from Ruth S.

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